A bit about us


The Cornish Cider Festival was conceived by Lostwithielites, Lee Cornish and Rupert Warwick* over a few pints of cider back in 2008 and to their surprise what seemed like a good idea in a Cornish pub one evening, looked even better in the morning. 

Like all great things, the festival was created with a little knowledge and a lot of enthusiasm. Having been weaned on Woodpecker and White Lightening, Lee and Rupert realised there was a whole world of cider waiting to be discovered and shared with like and non-like-minded individuals.

The cidery duo don’t claim to be experts but like drinking good cider, stomping music and munching on pizza, striving to bring authentic tastes to new audiences. So it’s time to celebrate all that’s special about cider and raise a glass of old Langmaid’s to Cornwall and the southwest’s cider making industry!

*Lee and Rupert have day jobs and are reasonably responsible members of the community.